ULTRA Sports Drink 1.2kg


Vigo Life ULTRA Sports Drink for Energy & Hydration. More than just a sugar and salt drink.



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More than just a flavoured sugar and salt drink, Vigo Nutrition's Ultra Sports Drink provides real nutrition right when it matters. Here's what makes it your best option:

  • Contains 10g of low-GI Palatinose carbohydrate for sustained energy and endurance.
  • Contains added Amino acids Taurine and Tyrosine for optimal cardiac and brain function.
  • With added Magnesium Glycinate chelate to optimize muscle contractile function.
  • Each serving provides 50% Daily values of 12 vitamins to help with energy and reduce fatigue.
  • Free from artificial colourants, preservatives, acesulfame-K, Aspartame and cyclamates.
  • Safe product for children