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We believe that an exercise and nutrition program should be designed around the individual and not the other way around..


At Bodysynergy we specialize in customized solutions for helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. Our approach is to fit training and nutrition around the individual and not the other way around. We believe everyone is different and has different circumstances and needs.

Most of the time people fail at achieving their training and nutrition goals as a result of not having the 3 most important things in place.

These are:

1. Training and Nutrition based on science and not fads.

2. Well thought out plan, with a backup plan for when things out of your control happen.

3. Staying accountable

At Bodysynergy you will be equipped with a training and nutrition plan based on the latest science of what works. We will also construct a well thought out game plan for you with options when things out of your control occur. We will also ensure you stay accountable by having regular check in and progress evaluation sessions with you.

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our trainers

Husband and wife team, John and Ilana Smidt, with a passion for fitness and nutrition, and helping others make lasting changes, are ready to assist you with all your training, nutrition and lifestyle needs. 

John Specializes in weight loss, muscle building and programs for improving sport performance. John is an avid athlete himself and have achieved national colours in powerlifting and bodybuilding. 

John holds fitness and nutrition qualifications from the ISSA(USA), a Bsc Degree in Biochemistry & Microbiology and has over 25 years experience in helping others reach their training and nutrition goals.

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Ilana specializes in health coaching and are passionate about helping others feel empowered to make behavior changes in their lives. Through active listening, empathy and compassion Ilana facilitates lasting changes for her clients.

Ilana is a certified American Council on Exercise (ACE) Health Coach and holds a BA Hons Degree in Psychology. She is also currently completing her Masters (Msc) degree in Health Psychology.

Ilana works with her clients as a team to help them understand the emotional, behavioral, physical, nutritional and lifestyle factors that may influence their weight management goals and other goals.

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